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Elective affinities

There are demanding clients who do not settle for the ordinary, but who search and accept only superior quality, work of excellence, and prestigious products beyond the ordinary, authentic fragrances, aromas and tastes.

These are illy Group's clients.

Certain that in order to grow it is essential to share the culture of the product with the people, we commit to pass on to the current and future generations the importance of striving for the best, searching for it, learning how to recognize it and how to choose it.

For this reason with the illy Group we wished to create a ‘taste hub’, opening ourselves to those companies that, as a mission and as a method, work day after day in order to achieve excellence, pushed forward by entrepreneurs passionate about their work, their products and their quality.

A demanding road brimming with satisfaction.

Among them, there is the awareness that at any given time during the day the illy Group’s products offer pleasure and quality: deep flavor, a culture of taste, the enhancement of the value of tradition and know-how.

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