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MASTROJANNI - In the best tradition of the Brunello wine

In the best tradition of the Brunello wine

From three generations Mastrojanni has been producing the noblest wine of Italy, renowned and celebrated worldwide: the Brunello of Montalcino.

Ninety hectares of land, in a perfect location, exposed south and south-east, gently supported by soft slopes and by the microclimate generated by the Amiata Mount, all to give birth to no more than 35,000 bottles of Burnello of Montalcino DOCG (controlled and warranted designations of origin), including the prestigious Brunello vineyard Schiena dÂ’Asino DOCG, Loreto, Rosso of Montalcino, Botrys and San Pio.

A production that does not exceed 100,000 bottles in total and which is proof of careful selection that gives priority to the integral preservation of quality and to the valorization of local traditions.

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